Shipping to Lower 48 States

We adopted a flat fee for our shipping costs to make it simpler. It is

  • $50 for each of our 2 story bee hive sets
  • $40 for single story bee hives and nucs 
  • $25 for supers with frames
  • $20 for supers without frames and hive upgrade kit
  • $15 for bottom boards and toolkit bundles
  • Add on items like spacers or round entrances can only be shipped when purchased with boxed items like bee hives, supers, bottom boards etc.

Our bee hive boxes are measured 19x24x27″ and weigh 46 or 58 pounds without and with frames respectively. However due to their dimensions, they are being treated as if they were 89 pounds. Effective 2017, UPS and FedEx have both changed their dimensional weight calculations from (Length x Width x Height / 166) to (Length x Width x Height / 139). Before the change each of our hives were treated as 74 pounds. We will be observing how this additional 15 pounds due to calculations will affect our operations. Many of our customers are at the opposite side of the country, and actual shipping costs can be up to $75 for a bee hive.

The supers on the other hand have a lighter weight and we can ship them using USPS within lower 48 states. This would mean that it is very likely that an order containing hives and supers may get multiple tracking numbers from multiple carriers.

LTL Option for 8 or More Hives

For larger purchases such as 8 hives or more we will look at the possibility to deliver using an LTL service. If the overall shipping costs are less using a pallet, we’ll reflect the savings back to you. If you are purchasing 8 or more hives, you’d also be getting a 5% discount on your order. Please contact us to receive an invoice first.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska

Our bee hives are perfect for cold weather of Alaska and humidity of Hawaii, however shipping is a little different (and a little more expensive). If and when we receive an order from Hawaii or Alaska, we request it to be fulfilled with our inventory in Amazon warehouses. Shipping a bee hive to Alaska roughly costs us $180 after the discounts, however we can reduce that to half using Amazon fulfillment centers. So we can not ship any products if they are not available to be fulfilled at Amazon warehouses. Our shipping is also $20 more per bee hive, and $10 more for supers and bottom boards (We’d be splitting the additional shipping cost in half). Please check the current prices of our products on Amazon. It may end up being the same and you may benefit from Amazon Prime shipping.