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Apimaye Promotions December 2020

Happy Holidays everyone!

Hope you have a happy, and healthy holiday! Wishing 2021 to bring many great news for the entire humanity. 

We have been working non stop during pandemic to not only reach your beekeeping equipment to you as fast as possible, and answer all your questions, but also develop new products for next year.

In 2021, we will also have many video tutorials, online classes, and live Q&A sessions to help new beekeepers.

Stay tuned :)

As for the promotions for the month... We are focusing mostly on the 7 Frame hive options, and super kit as we have the most of them due to post midnight planning and scheduling oversight. Ooops :/  


December Promotions & Coupons

Update: November hive bundle deals are extended until December 13th! 

We had some beekeepers reach us asking if they can still benefit from the bundle, and therefore we decided to extend it until December 13th. 

They'll be featured on the main page, until they're gone. 

Discounts on Hive Sets

NOVEMBER1: $85 Off November Bundle 1

    NOVEMBER2: $55 Off November Bundle 2

      NOVEMBER3: $40 Off November Bundle 3

        SK20: $20 off Super Kit with purchase of any hive with 2 or more boxes

        Discount on Supers

        The price of the supers will increase in 2021 for the first time since 2017 to keep up with the increased costs and inflation. Get yours before 2021 pricing! 

        S10: 10% Off per Super on 3 supers or more with purchase of a Super Kit

          • Buy 1 super kit
          • Mix and match any 3 or more supers or super kit
          • Mix and match frames and or foundations
          • Apply coupon code S10 to save 10% per super 
            • The coupon will only discount the first 3 supers. 
            • If you buy more supers in the same transaction, we'll apply the discount on the others manually while shipping your supers.

        S8: 8% Off per Super on 2 supers with purchase of a Super Kit

          • Buy 1 super kit
          • Mix and match any 2 supers or super kit
          • Mix and match frames and or foundations
          • Apply coupon code S8 to save 8% per super

          Discount on Bottom Boards & Top Covers

          Upgrade Kit for Wooden Hive (New Bundle)

          Free Beekeeping Veil with purchase of Box of 4

          Free Bottom Board with purchase of Box of 5

          TC3: $10 Off per White Hive Top Covers & Feeders on 3 or more

          Discount on 7 Frame Hive / NUC Systems

          NUC42: $42 Off NUC & Any 2 NUC Supers with frames & foundations

          • 1 NUC / 7 Frame hive with pro frames & foundations
          • Your selection of 2 7 frame supers
            • Deep supers with Pro Frames & Mann Lake Rite-Cell Black foundations
            • Medium supers with Mann Lake Wood Frames with Rite-Cell Black foundations
          • Click here to select your combo

          NMS7: $7 Off per NUC Medium Super with wooden frames & foundation when you buy 2 or more

          • Buy 2 or more 7 Frame NUC Medium Super with Mann Lake Wood Frames with Rite-Cell Black foundations
          • Save $7 per NUC Medium Super
          • Click here to add to cart