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Apimaye Promotions January 2020!

First, a short announcement: UPS & FedEx has made a change that will be impacting us severely. Now any package weighing 50 pounds or more is considered overweight, and a $24 additional fee is added. We are negotiating a new contract with both of them and it'll be about mid January when we receive a new contract with them hopefully with reduced fees. Our Ergo PLUS hives with frames are well above 50 pounds. If you purchase a hive with plastic PRO frames or wooden frames, they will either be shipped once we get a new contract, or they may ship as a single hive and a super, or as empty hive and frames.  

January Bundle!

Free frame holder with each hive with wooden frames

We will add a frame holder designed for Apimaye hives to each Ergo PLUS hive with wooden frames. I mean, if we're going to pay the fee, might as well add more weight to the packages... We will add a frame holder to your order automatically.

Bottom board X5

We found a box that would fit 5 bottom boards for wooden hives and decided to make it a discounted bundle! Get 5 bottom boards for the price of 4. That's a $50 savings. 


We have multiple active coupons right now. Some of them are secret, like the one we just sent with our Christmas email, or the one you get once you register, and some... not as much, like these codes:

UPGRADE : Buy 1 bottom board and 1 hive top cover & feeder and get $10 off

WELCOMEBACK : Still active for our customers from our old website, and haven't made a purchase on the new website

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