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Apimaye Promotions November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It's been a very crazy year, yet we still have a lot to be thankful for here. I quit my engineering job in the Bay Area and moved to Arizona to be with my family and take over the operations. We are all healthy, and keeping ourselves busy with taking care of our bees, and beekeepers. We now have a green apiary in Phoenix metro area, so dad doesn't have to drive to the desert to take care of the bees. And the bees are much happier with the greenery. We are having our Thanksgiving dinner in our new apiary. Can not think of a more meaningful place honestly. I'll also be taking pictures of all the bundled products. So, hopefully by the time you read this, all the pictures of the products will be up :)

I've been crunching numbers for a long while and finally got the coupon codes for discounts on many Apimaye products!

As always, if you bought any of these items included in the bundles within the month of November, and want to benefit from the sale, use the contact form to reach us with your order number, and which product you'd like to get, and we'll send you a custom shopping cart link, and enable the discount. For instance, if you bought a hive with frames and foundation sometime in November, and would like to take advantage of November Bundle 1, just let us know, and we'll add the remaining items in the bundle, and will give you the discount. 

Please note that due to the platform we use (Shopify), you can't use two coupons at the same cart. So you may have to do multiple purchases to maximize your savings.

Happy thanksgiving!

Korhan from Apimaye USA family

Discounts on Hive Sets

NOVEMBER1: $85 Off November Bundle 1

  • This bundle has frames on all boxes, and foundation on deep boxes
    • Ergo Plus Double Brood Box Hive with plastic pro frames & foundation
    • Any 2 additional supers
      • Deep supers with plastic pro frames & foundations
      • Medium supers with plastic handy frames for wax foundation
    • 2 Pollen feeding frames
    • 1 Apimaye frame holder

 NOVEMBER2: $55 Off November Bundle 2

  • This bundle has frames & foundation on deep boxes, and no frames on mediums
    • Ergo Plus Double Brood Box Hive with plastic pro frames & foundation
    • Any 2 additional supers
      • Deep supers with plastic pro frames & foundations
      • Medium supers 
    • 2 Pollen feeding frames
    • 1 Apimaye frame hanger

NOVEMBER3: $40 Off November Bundle 3

  • This bundle has no frames
    • Ergo Plus Double Brood Box Hive without frames
    • Any 2 additional supers without frames
    • 2 Pollen feeding frames

Free Pollen Feeding Frame & Frame Hanger

  • Buy the Honey Maker Set (Tan or White)
    • Ergo Plus Single Brood Box Hive (Any frame option)
    • 2 Ergo medium supers (Any frame option)
  • Get these free. No coupon needed
    • 1 Pollen feeding frame
    • 1 Apimaye frame hanger

SK20: $20 off Super Kit with purchase of any hive with 2 or more boxes

Discount on Supers

S5: $5 Off per Super on 2 Supers or More

    • Mix and match any 2 or more supers
    • Mix and match frames and or foundations
    • Apply coupon code S5 to save $5 per super 

MBS: Free Battery Powered Smoker

Discount on Bottom Boards & Top Covers

Upgrade Kit for Wooden Hive (New Bundle)

Free Bottom Board with Purchase of Box of 5


TC3: $10 Off per White Hive Top Covers & Feeders on 3 or More

Discount on 7 Frame Hive / NUC Systems

FOUNDATION7: Free Foundations on NUC and 2 Deep Supers