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HiveAlive Pollen Patty
HiveAlive Pollen Patty

HiveAlive Pollen Patty

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Introducing the HiveAlive high performance pollen patty with 15% US pollen, HiveAlive liquid and added seaweed nutrients.

All natural. No animal protein.

Available as 2 x 1 lb patties, or in 10 x 1lb patties.

Shipping Information

  • Free shipping on individual patties when purchased with an Apimaye product
  • First pack of 2 pollen patties ship for $12, each additional 2 pack of patties ships for an extra $2. You can mix and match pollen and fondant patties. 
  • Box of 10 pollen patties ship for free
  • Individual pollen patties are very fragile. We are doing our best to seal and protect them during the shipping process. However, they may lose their shape during shipping.  
  • Shipping to Canada is NOT available. 

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