How can I use my wooden boxes with Ergo Hive Kits?

How Can I Use My Wooden Boxes with Ergo Hive Kits?

Apimaye has 2 series of bee hives, the Defender series and the Ergo series. In the US we have the Ergo series because it’s the only one compatible with the US Langstroth size. This way the beekeepers can use their wooden frames and our plastic handy frames interchangeably. They are also compatible with the wooden bee boxes.

Our bee hives come with 2 deep boxes. If you want to add your wooden supers, you just put them right on top. If you’d like to add another of Apimaye supers, that’s also no problem. The wooden boxes sit right in the grooves of our supers so our supers do not slide or fall, and there is no gap between the boxes. You can add our top feeder and our top cover on top on top of your wooden box.

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