New Worker Bee in Hive

We have a new worker bee

We are happy to announce that we got our hive not only filled with new goodies but also a new worker bee. Burcu, my sister has recently joined us back in Arizona while writing her thesis. She’ll be the 3rd doctor, only non engineer/scientist in the family. She’ll be helping us all in her spare time. We are planning on growing with her support, and have a more fun work environment thanks to her never ending playlist.

Speaking of growing, and filling our hive with new goodies, our shipment has finally arrived after the customs inspection. We unloaded everything of to our warehouse in Mesa. We give our big thanks to Matt, Murat, Turan, my dad and Burcu as it would not have been that easy (not that it was easy) without their help. Burcu and I opened and inspected every hive package to make sure everything is up to our standards.

There are more than 30 boxes labeled ready to go on Monday & Tuesday. We have a jar of honey ready for our UPS and FedEx drivers so that they don’t hate us :). These are large and heavy boxes after all; and we want to make sure people are happy to work with us.

We’ve done a lot of work this weekend, and there is a lot more to do. Thanks for your support, we are happy to be growing with you.

Korhan from Apimaye USA


PS: And here are a few pictures (shes’s responsible for most of the poses :D)

Full container

You should have seen the looks on people’s faces when we opened the gates

High five inside container

Sitting at the last 2 boxes in the entire container. It was worth high fiving

showing off after unloading the container

Totally rocking the maroon and gold 🙂


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