Spring is here

Happy February Everyone

Now that we have the first month of the year behind us, we are finally over typing 2017 every time we write the date. It’s also getting warmer in some parts of the country that our beekeeper friends at Apimaye Beekeepers have started seeing activities in their hives back again and started doing their first inspections. Thanks for sharing all the pictures; we really can’t have enough of them. We are excited to see so many brand new beekeepers also going through a successful wintering of their colonies.

There’s a lot to be excited about

It already hit 90s in Arizona, and it’s mind boggling to see the snow storms in some parts of the country. We just hope we don’t see another 122 degrees this summer here in Phoenix area. It literally melted the road signs last year, and planes couldn’t take off and we watched countless videos of people cooking all kinds of meals on the asphalt. While many of our beekeepers are worried about the harsh winters, we are worried of the heat here. Bees work extra hard here to cool inside the hive. If the honey is not harvested, it can literally start melting inside the hive and start flowing and flood its very own hive, killing all the bees. Therefore the bees need all the help we can provide them for the crazy hot summers as well.

New Apimaye Ergo White Hive

After living through that heat last summer, we talked to our manufacturing partner and pitched the idea of an all white bee hive. And now we finally have it ready for the new season. White is the most reflecting color, therefore less heat is absorbed. That’s why all the summer clothing is bright colored. Our white colored hives have the same insulation properties. The only difference between the orange and white hives are the color added during manufacturing. We suggest the white hive for extremely hot locations like ours. The white hives look beautiful. So if you live in a cold climate, but like the white hive, just add them to your apiary with confidence. You’ll get the same properties as the original orange hive.

Apimaye Ergo Hive White

We Now Have Wax Foundation

We routinely get asked through email or phone calls about the frames and foundations. Our handy frames have a unique snapping feature and only works with wax foundation. We have a lot of beekeepers living in rural areas, and may not have access to a conveniently located beekeeping supply store. We decided to make it a little bit more convenient for our fellow beekeepers and started carry wax foundation.

When purchasing Apimaye hives or supers, you can now choose to add wax foundation in the boxes. We wrapped 10 wax foundation sheets in bubble wrap and put them in between the plastic handy frames. This enables safer delivery of the wax foundation. If you buy a hive, we’ll have 2 of them. If it’s a deep super, there’ll be one. The parcel delivery can be rough on our boxes, and we figured this would be the best option. This means, you still need to put them on each frame. If you worked with handy frames already, you know that it does not take more than a minute to install them per frame.

While securing the wax foundation as much as possible, we would also like to emphasize how fragile wax foundation is. If travelling through very cold areas, they can get brittle and get cracked or maybe even broken at the corners. It is normal. The bees don’t need a perfect wax foundation to work with. In fact they don’t need any foundation. They can build their own wax combs, but they may not be straight and properly spaced in the hives. That’s why we have the wax foundation. The bees use it as a guidance. In fact if you want comb honey, just cut the strips of the wax foundation into strips of about an inch, and install them on the top part of the handy frames. The bees will start drawing comb using that as a guidance.

Handy Frame Sale

To celebrate our new wax foundation offering, all the deep supers with handy frames are $10 off. From size option, select “Deep” and then from the frame option select any of the Handy Frame variation. You’ll see the discounted prices.

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