Cover type feeders enables feeding the bees with solid or liquid feed without opening the hive. The bees do not get disturbed and the internal hive temperature is not changed during the process. It’s easy to use and clean and is compatible with all bee hives.

Built in feeder doors are used for guiding the bees either to the solid or liquid feed, so the beekeeper should pay attention to the labels.

Advantages of Top Feeder 

  • The feeder can be filled only once a week
  • No contact with the bees during the feeding.
  • Since the hive is not opened, the bees are not disturbed, so no need for lighting a smoker just for feeding.
  • Since it’ll not be exposed to direct sunlight, medication can safely be mixed to the liquid feed.

Check out the product manuals to learn more about how to use the top cover feeder.