Apimaye and Flow Hive

Flow Hive is a beautiful design from Australia, that has enabled easy harvesting of honey from the honey supers. We get asked a lot if our Apimaye insulated bee hives are compatible with the flow hive. 

Since our 10 frame Ergo hives have standard US Langstroth inner dimensions, you can place a Flow Hive super on top of our Apimaye hives. Please note that the frames for Flow Hive are thicker than the regular hives to accommodate their patented harvesting mechanism therefore there are only 7 frames on the box that would be put on a 10 frame Ergo hive. Their 7 frame system should not be confused with our 7 frame NUC system as they would not be compatible with each other.

It is also possible to put the flow frames on our supers. We heard they're a tight fit, and you need to take the frames out of the hives to harvest them. This will add another step in harvesting but it is possible. 

Please do not drill holes or make any modifications on our Apimaye boxes as that would void the warranty as well as compromise the structural integrity of your hives.

Check out the pictures submitted by one of our beekeepers at Apimaye Beekeepers group with his Flow Hive on top of our Apimaye hives.

Apimaye bee hives with honey flow super

Apimaye hives with honey flow superApimaye bee hives with flow hive honey harvesting



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