About Us

About Kaftan LLC & Apimaye USA 

Kaftan LLC is a family company bringing Apimaye insulated bee hives and more to the US beekeepers. Located in sunny Arizona, we are a team of a beekeeper (my dad – a world known professor on honeybees), queen bee (my mom – a retired industrial engineer and a beekeeper by marriage) and 2 worker bees (me – an electrical engineer and beekeeper by proxy, and my sister - an administrator) with decades long experience in beekeeping. Before moving to Arizona, we had an apiary with more than a thousand hives.

We met Apimaye products in Apimondia 2015 in Korea where they won the gold medal in Beehive Innovations category. We were so excited about the product and had to have it in the US. So we created a partnership with Yildirim Plastik to introduce their products to the beekeepers in the US. Being encouraged by the results beekeepers received around the world, and knowing the consultants worked in the development of the bee hives, we ordered our first container of bee hives.

We are a team of bee scientists and engineers, not marketers, or e-tailers who have no idea what they are selling. Our strength is our products and our knowledge of bees and beekeeping. We are still learning the market demand, and supply chain management, and that’s the reason we ran out of bee hives right after the holiday season and about the beginning of beekeeping season in our first year. We ran out of it in March in our second year, and in May in our 3rd year. We are still learning :)

We are actively trying to engage with the community and help beekeepers online and around us. Should you have any questions about our products or beekeeping in general, we are here to help you (If we don’t have an answer immediately, we’ll ask dad and get back to you)

Thanks for choosing Apimaye beehives and happy beekeeping!
Korhan, from Team Apimaye USA
Here's a picture of my sister and I enjoying a jar of honey, from August 1986:
I think this was when I was 5, when I peaked at cuteness
Let's be honest, all beekeeping parents have their kids hold a frame :)
Brother and sister team after unloading an entire 40 ft container: