Apimaye Thermo Bee Hive

Bees need a warm, secure and dry place to live. In the wild, bees make their nest in a variety of places such as hollow trees and holes in rocks. The beehive was developed to make it easier to manage a colony of bees and collect honey. There are lots of different hive designs throughout the world, which follow the same basic principles. The Apimaye Hive systems are manufactured for worldwide distribution, using standard dimensions and assembly methods ensuring that the equipment will be interchangeable, strong and durable. The standard measurements are Langstroth and Dadant box sizes. The design of Apimaye bee hives provides simplicity and ease of operation, permitting rapid inspection and interchange of frames. Well-constructed equipment pays off in ease of management, while retaining the resale value.

Thermo Hive System

The multi-purpose Apimaye Thermo Hives were developed by taking bee biology, physiology and behaviors. Requests from beekeepers, and different ecological characteristics were also considered during the design. Apimaye Thermo Hives implement a Colony Management System that enables rearing bees in a healthy environment, transporting them without causing any harm, and preventing potential harms.

Thermal Insulation & Active Ventilation

The innovative all-round double layer insulation helps keeping the colony warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A special filling material used in the top cover and side walls of Thermo Hives provides thermal insulation, offering a suitable habitat for the colony in different climate conditions and consequently enabling wintering without losses.

With the R value 6.93, Apimaye Thermo Bee Hives are more than 6 times more heat insulating than wooden hives.

The design of the hives allows the incoming air from the hive bottom filters to rise all the way through the ventilation duct with the increasing temperature, and the exit through the air ducts on the feeders, and then through the louvres on the hive top cover. This enables an effective draught free air circulation in the hive. The ventilation system prevents any rise of humidity in the hive, preventing any yeast or mold formation.

Everything in One Package

Thermo Hives are designed and include several accesories as standard such as queen excluder, varroa drawer, varroa trap (IPM bottom board), pollen trap, multifunctional hive entrance, top feeder, lock and latch handles, handy frames, division & uniting board to provide all beekeepers needs and increase productivity.

Bee Friendly Plastic

Apimaye Thermo Hives are manufactured from certified plastic (HDPE) in accordance with the Food Codex, directly colored without employing external paint, using plastic blow molding and injection molding technologies. Manufactured to have antibacterial features, Apimaye Thermo Hives support producers in controlling potential European and American Foul Brood diseases. The hives are manufactured with anti-static additives against dust formation and electrification. The raw materials with UV additives to protect the hives against harmful sun rays, thereby prolonging their service life.

High Productivity & Long Economic Life

The trouble-free working environment Thermo Hives provides for bees removes the unnecessary work that would otherwise be required, enabling both the bees and the beekeeper to concentrate their efforts on producing honey and other bee products. Colonies coming strong out of wintering work more productively during the season.

Thermo Hives do not rot, wrap or absorb moisture. Therefore there is no maintenance. All Thermo Hives comes fully assembled and ready to use. They don’t need to be painted.

The Thermo Hives are impact proof. They are resistant of outside and external aggression and of all acids and chemical products. They offer an average economic life that is three times longer than that of other types of hives. Each year Thermo Hives prevent thousands of trees in our forests from being cut down for the purpose of making bee hives.

Easy to Transport & Easy to Clean

The rope-winding groove on top of Thermo Hives enables securing the hive on the vehicle for transport. The entrance reducer can be safely closed and locked, preventing the bees from entering or exiting the hive during transport. The brood box and supers are fixed together with a lock latch device that also serves as a carrying handle. The latch can also be used to connect several hives together for transportation, unlike the traditional wood hives that just stack on top of each other. The ventilation filters on the bottom of stackable type Thermo hives keep letting air in during transport, eliminating losses and collapse.

You can disinfect a Thermo Beehive to protect against diseases using common disinfectants. Parts soiled by bees can be washed by sponge or washing up brush, power washing of warm water high pressure (60°C, 60 Bars), bleach water with water (disinfection), or caustic soda with warm water (60°C).

screened bottom board with pollen trap

The Best Bottom Board for Your Hive

For those looking for an upgrade on the wooden bee hives

G type bottom boards are designed specifically for the US market to be compatible with the existing wooden hives of the beekeepers. Just like B type bottom boards for our Ergo Series Insulated Bee Hives, these bottom boards are equipped with pollen trap and Varroa screen.

All our bottom boards can be used safely in all climate conditions. The unique grill design enables ventilation in extremely hot weather, while helping remove moisture from the bee hive at the very cold temperatures. Balancing the moisture inside the hive results in maturing the honey sooner, thus increasing the hive productivity.

The bottom boards are equipped with a Varroa mite trap and a drawer. The mite that fall on the drawer are stuck in the drawer and can not return to the hive.

The pollen traps on the bottom boards are specially designed to prevent bee injuries while collecting the pollen. A built in pollen tray enables collecting the pollen hygienically.

The bee hive entrance holes can be opened or closed very easily. The entrance can also be width-adjusted based on the climate.

The air channels built into the board prevents bee losses during transportation.

The boards are built tough against impacts and are durable.

They are easy to clean,

And they are compatible with your hive!