Everything but the Bees

Loaded with Accessories

Apimaye beehive sets come loaded with accessories totaling more than $100. Each of our hives are equipped with a screened bottom board with mite tray which are proven to help fighting small hive beetle and Varroa mites. There is also an integrated pollen trap and a pollen tray to collect fresh local pollen during high pollen season.

On top of our 2 story beehive, you can find the zero-drown top feeder which can hold either a gallon syrup or your pollen patties to feed the bees. 

The beehive set also comes with a queen excluder for adding a honey super and a division/uniting board for when you need to split a big colony or merge 2 weak colonies.

 If you want to add extra supers, or want to harvest propolis, or need additional frames, frame spacers, round entrances, queen excluders, etc, we have them all ready for you.

The switch to Apimaye beehive is easy if you already have beekeeping equipment. Our beehive is standard Langstroth hive size therefore you can use any wooden or plastic frames interchangeably, or add your existing wooden supers on top of our Apimaye beehives.