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Frame spacers are are handy little tools for your hives. While they are not part of the essential beekeeping supplies, they have 3 major benefits for the beekeepers. Each of our Apimaye complete hive sets include 2 pairs of frame spacers even if the hive doesn't have any frames. They are also included in deep supers with handy frames.

Why Use Frame Spacers?

The frame spacers are mainly used to distribute the frames evenly inside the hive. If the spacing between the frames is too much then the bees draw comb in between the frames and make it hard to work with. If there is little space between the frames, then there may not be any bee space for the bees. The latter is not an issue with the current frame designs where the top of the frame is wider than the actual frame. Even when frames are placed tightly there would be enough space for the bees.

When a hive with multiple boxes uses frame spacers then the frames are guaranteed to be aligned on top of each other. A better airflow and thus ventilation is provided inside the hive by making sure all the frames are aligned. Ventilation inside the hive is especially important in areas with high relative humidity. High humidity inside the hive can cause condensation and molding problems inside the hive.

Frame spacers are also useful when transporting the bee hives. If the hive boxes have less than 10 frames then the frames may move during transportation. The spacers make sure each frame stays where they are supposed to, and prevent the frames to slide or drop. It is always a good practice to have box filled with the frames.

Please Note

This is an add-on item only, meaning we can only sell these if you purchase another item that comes in a box like our hive sets, supers, bottom board, etc. Shipping the spacers alone costs too much to justify buying them online. However we would be happy to include them in any of our boxes with your purchase of other boxed items. We will have to cancel any order that consists of just the frame spacers or other add-on items. Thank you for your understanding.

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