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Choosing a Wax Foundation for Our Handy Frames

Wax Foundation

Our plastic handy frames are really easy to operate and great for comb honey. They are not designed to operate with Rite-cell plastic foundation because those foundations are too thick. Our frames can not snap back fully with plastic foundation in between.

When choosing wax foundation, make sure you get deep size (~8 1/2″ x 16 3/4″). They can be wired or not as it doesn’t make any difference. Also remember Rite-cell with wax coating is not wax foundation.

Where to find them

You can buy your wax foundation from your local beekeeping supply store (we always encourage supporting local small businesses like us) but in case that is not an option, here are a few links to some online stores:

Dadant – wired 10 sheets DEEP SIZE

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