Ergo Hive Bottom Board Dimensions for Homemade Stands

Having the bee hives elevated has many benefits, including less strain on the body during inspections. The easiest and most cost effective way is using cinder blocks and 2-by-4 or 4-by-4 wood.
Our bottom boards have feet at the bottom so here are the pictures with the tape measure so you can build your custom hive stands.
Front view of apimaye hive bottom board with a ruler
 The hive bottom board is 17.25" wide. The width of the rubber soles attached to the legs is 1". 
The length of the bottom board at the bottom is 20.25". Of course with the landing board it's much longer.
The rubber soles are at the front and at back legs. They are 1.5" long. The rubber soles cause the middle section to be elevated about 0.1".
The 7 frame NUC hive have the same length as the 10 frame hive but it is only 12" wide.

Hope this has been helpful. Let us know if you need any assistance with any other measurement, and show off your hive stand creations. :)
Happy beekeeping

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