How does the pollen trap work?

All Apimaye screened bottom boards come equipped with a pollen trap and a drawer.

When the pollen trap is taken out entirely, the bottom board functions as a full screen bottom board. The bees get in through the hive entrance and go up to the frames.

When the pollen flow is very high, you can insert the pollen trap from the back slot into the hive. The bees will enter the hive through the hive entrance but this time they will walk forward inside this wide hallway we just created. The only way to access the frames is through the round holes that are only big enough for the bees to pass through. The pollen will not fit and will fall to the pollen tray at the bottom. Our trap is very effective and will fill its tray at the bottom rather soon. It is suggested to check the tray often and not use the pollen trap for extended period of time.

When not not using the pollen trap, pull it out completely if possible, and insert the red plug to the slot. If taking the trap completely off is not an option, try to slide it out as much as possible. There will always be some bees who will walk towards the back of the hive to go up. If the trap is in,  they will be going through the trap which will cause unintentional pollen collection. If you don’t check your tray, it will go bad in the tray and wasted.

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