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Bottom Board for Apimaye Supers

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Same bottom board that comes with the Hive Kit for Apimaye Supers (Super Kit).

The bottom board can be used with both Apimaye deep and medium supers. Comes with 2 latches to latch them easily to the supers. 

Please note that the product comes with a brown adapter installed to put the medium supers. To use with deep supers, please remove the adapter first.

Please note that Apimaye currently has 3 different bottom boards available in the US. 

  • Bottom board for Ergo hive 
  • Bottom board for wooden hives
  • Bottom board for Apimaye supers (This product)

This bottom board can only be used with the Apimaye deep super or medium super. This bottom board can NOT be used to replace an existing Apimaye Ergo hive bottom board to make it with latches. The Apimaye brood box (The one with the ID tag holder) does not have the grooves to latch the box to the bottom board. 

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