7 Frame Nuc Feeder (Pair) - Apimaye
7 Frame Nuc Feeder (Pair) - Apimaye
7 Frame Nuc Feeder (Pair) - Apimaye

7 Frame NUC Feeder (Pair)

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The same top feeder pair that comes with our Apimaye 7 Frame NUC bee hive set. Bundled to save on shipping


A pair of Apimaye top half feeders for 7 frame boxes. When inspecting your hive, you can simply put one of your feeder on top of the other, do your inspection, put it back, and inspect the other side.


Customer Reviews

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Dave Morris
Brilliant feeder

These feeders are brilliantly designed. I can walk out into the bee yard and feed 6 hives sugar water without even a veil. The bees don’t even know I’m there and I can get in and out in a few minutes without being noticed.

Drew Lenhart
Useful for 8 Frame Wooden Hives too!

If you have a few old 8 frame wooden hives sitting around like me, you can use a 10 frame half feeder and the 7 frame nuc half feeder together to make a feeder set that will fit on top of a wooden 8 frame hive.

I also bought a few extra of these to fill with fondant for winter feeding and to safe the fondant filled feeders for next year when the bees haven't really touched it.

A negative of this style feeder that is amplified a little bit more with the center access, is that you really have to have the hive level for the bees to be able to utilize all of the syrup added. But I think this is vastly outweighed by the ability to feed the bees without opening the hive-- I even like to do this at night with a red LED light when I don't have to worry about bees flying around while I am adding syrup.

There is always a trade off, but leveling the hives for me isn't too big of an issue-- I just designed and built my own stands that have leveling legs so with a few turns of a wrench I can get them back into level even as they have settled with time-- hopefully the ground that I disturbed and leveled off for my hives will be done settling one day.

Martin Bee
7 frame feeder design could be better...

I am not in favor of having the bees access located in the center of the feeder. In most hives, the feed tends to pool towards one end, making it out of reach from the center so that it never gets completely consumed. A better design is for access from both ends, as it is with the 10 frame feeders.

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