Core Frames Medium Plastic Frames
Core Frames Medium Plastic Frames
Core Frames Medium Plastic Frames
Core Frames Medium Plastic Frames
Core Frames Medium Plastic Frames
Core Frames Medium Plastic Frames

Core Frames Medium Plastic Frames

Core Beekeeping
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A Brand New Plastic Frame

Core Frames from Core Beekeeping are brand new plastic frames with a patent pending design. The frames are made from food grade virgin ABS, making them both sturdy and light weight. 

Core Frame's patented design improves the beekeeping experience by overcoming all the shortcomings of the current wooden and plastic frames. 

The size of this frame is (6 1/4") medium.

Easy Foundation Installation

Core Frames are available with our without foundations. Unlike the unibody frames with foundations, you can choose to have any foundation of your favorite supplier, and wax level. The foundations are installed by popping them in like you would in a wooden frame. The patented design enables the foundation to get in easier while making it harder to pop out of the frame.

No Hive Beetle Hideout

Most plastic frames in the market have indents in the periphery that are excellent hiding spots for small hive beetles which are devastating the colonies. Core Frames do not have any hiding spots for small hive beetles, so your colony can chase them out easier.

High Speed Extraction

Core Frame design enables the plastic foundation to be held in the frame, even at higher speeds in the extractor. You can spin and extract faster without worrying about foundations popping out. 

Wax Moth Safe

Wax moths chew through the wooden frames and make cavities for cocoons. Larvae can also bore through the wooden bars of frames. Core Frame's plastic is safe from damage from wax moths.

Easier Handling

The sides of Core Frames are designed to have minimum contact between the frames. This enables easier splitting of the frames using a hive tool. Less jerky motion will also not aggravate the bees. The smooth plastic used in CoreFrames also enable the frame to slide easier in the hive.

Sturdy Construction

Core Frames are engineered to withstand impact. They're overengineered and use the strongest food grade plastic material. You can use your hive tool on them worry free, and they won't break when you drop them, or put them on extractors. You will never be left holding the top bar while the rest of the frame is on the ground :)

Long Lasting & Recycleable

Core Frames will outlast the wooden frames. You can use them worry free for many years, and if they ever break, you can remove the foundation, and recycle the frame itself. See the notes on how to extend the life of your Core Frames below.


Core Frames are proudly made in USA. Not only the manufacturing of the frames, but also the design, and the molding are all done here in Phoenix, Arizona

Suggestions to extend the life of your plastic frames:

  • Do not store exposing direct sunlight
  • Should not be used with solar wax melting gadgets
  • Should not be cleaned using boiling water
  • Do not wash in dishwasher 

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Very sturdy! Will last a long time

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