A pair of Apimaye half feeders. Each good for a 5 frame nucleus hive or a pair for a 10 frame hive.

Half Feeder / 5 Frame Nuc Feeder (Pair)

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A pair of Apimaye top half feeders for 10 frame boxes. Our half feeders are just like our nuc feeders but wider to accommodate our full size hives. When inspecting your hive, you can simply put one of your feeder on top of the other, do your inspection, put it back, and inspect the other side. 

These half feeders also enable the hives to be fed both syrup and cake at the same time. Simply put syrup on one feeder, and cake on the other. Make sure you set the feeder caps accordingly.

Our half feeders can also be used for your 5 frame nucs!

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Great unit, I tried 1 , ordered 5 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Montana Jim
Great product

I like the split feeder design. Perfect for my winter emergency feeding experiment this year. I put winter feed patties in one feeder and “mountain camp” sugar piles in the other feeder on each of 3 hives. I’m curious to see if the bees prefer one over the other.

One complaint….I lost one of the small clear plastic inserts. Can I buy a couple spares without having to buy an entire feeder?

The best

Bought these to put on my long hive. Work great and so easy to feed bees. They replace the slats that were there so you can still feed without exposing the bees. Bought the top and feeders for all my wood hives. Has made my work go faster and easier. Thanks Apamaye!

David Warren
Super easy to use and very effective

This feeder is great for nuc’s and swarm’s that need a little help getting started. SO easy to use.

I will be getting more because of the variety of food that can be administered to hive to help it thrive.

Keep up the great work Apimaye!!!


You'll like using them so much you'll want extras!

The half feeders are really nice in that they can be filled with syrup without releasing bees (Great for night time feeding with a red LED), you can add extra fondant during a cold day in the winter without exposing the top of the hive to the cold, and they are large enough to each hold a little over a day's worth of syrup for even my strongest hives but not too bulky to store extras.

If you have 1 or two 8 frame hives sitting around like me, you can use a 10 frame half feeder and the 7 frame nuc half feeder together to make a feeder set for an 8 frame hive.

I bought extras to use on my pending splits in 5 frame wooden nucs this spring as well as to avoid removing fondant from the feeders that I had filled with fondant this fall, but not needed by the bees because the apimaye insulated hives are so awesome.

I keep an empty deep super over my half feeders to use as a frame holder while inspecting hives and for the fall/winter I filled that empty super with a mesh laundry bag filled with styrofoam packing peanuts that allowed the bees to take the syrup from this feeder longer in the fall. And according to my govee bluetooth thermometer the fondant filled feeders stayed warm from the heat rising off the hive while still allowing moisture to vent off rather than condense.

One negative is that you really do need to keep your hive level to maximize syrup capacity, but at least your syrup acts as a level, so you don't need to carry another tool...So is that really a negative?

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