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10 Frame Reversible Entrance Reducer
10 Frame Reversible Entrance Reducer

10 Frame Reversible Entrance Reducer

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NEW Apimaye entrance reducer for your 10 frame hives with mouse guard. 

The new entrance reducer has 2 nested sliders that enable you to customize your hive entrance. With the new reversible entrance reducer you can:

  • Have the hive entrances on the edges instead of the center, just like the 7 frame hives
    • If you are planning on having 2 colonies in the same hive and are concerned about the drifting, this would give you a good piece of mind
    • If you would like to collect pollen for short periods of time, but don't want to put the trap in or out daily, you can block the center and have the openings on the side
  • Collect some of the pollen
    • Apimaye pollen traps are the highest yield pollen traps in the market that will take all the pollen from the bees. You can now put the pollen trap in the hive, and have a few holes of hive entrance open in the center, activating the pollen trap, and have more entrances on the edges, bypassing the pollen trap.

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