Bottom Board for Apimaye Ergo Hive
Bottom Board for Apimaye Ergo Hive
Bottom Board for Apimaye Ergo Hive
Bottom Board for Apimaye Ergo Hive

Bottom Board for Apimaye Ergo Hive

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Replacement bottom board for Apimaye Ergo 10 Frame hive.

Please note that Apimaye currently has 3 different bottom boards available in the US. 

  • Bottom board for Ergo hive (This product)
  • Bottom board for wooden hives
  • Bottom board for Apimaye supers

This bottom board can only be used with the Apimaye Ergo brood box (The bottom most box that has an ID tag attached). This bottom board can NOT be used with Apimaye supers to make another Apimaye hive. The front wall of the brood box is shorter than the front wall of deep & medium super to accommodate the hive entrance. This bottom board is designed for the brood box that has a shorter front.

Replacement Instructions

  1. Remove all the bees and the frames in the hive. Make sure the hive is empty
  2. Flip the hive upside down on a bench
  3. Remove the 6 screws used for attaching the bottom board to the brood box using a Phillips screwdriver.
    1. If using powered tools, please use them at lower/slower setting.
    2. Make sure all 6 screws (2 on each side, and 2 in the front) are completely removed 
  4. Take the bottom board off. Ensure that the front entrance reducer is still attached to the brood box
  5. Place the new bottom board on top of the brood box. Use the entrance reducer as your guide. Make sure the entrance reducer goes back in the slot that it came out of.
  6. Screw the 6 screws back into the brood box. Make sure all screws are in before tightening them.
  7. Check gap between the bottom of the mouse guard and the bottom board. If there is gap, tighten it more.
  8. The 2 screws on the front side of the hive are enclosed in 2 plastic pieces that are located on each side pollen trap slot. Those 2 plastic pieces should be touching the brood box. Flip the hive and look from inside to ensure they are touching. If not, tighten more.
  9. Confirm that the bottom of the mouse guard is almost touching the bottom board and the sliders are working fluently


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Russell Swindell
Bear Trouble

Needed a new bottom board due to a recent bear attack on a hive. Fits great! Great customer service from Apimaye in my time of need!

Craig Falls
Not what I thought

This doesn't come with the entrance reducer. And it doesn't have the latch to attach it to a deep or medium super. Instead, it is meant to be permanently screwed onto a deep super and you're assumed to have a 10-frame entrance reducer on hand already.

Assuming that's what you need, the quality is fine.

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