Queen Excluder For 10 Frame Hives
Queen Excluder For 10 Frame Hives - Apimaye
Queen Excluder For 10 Frame Hives - Apimaye
Queen Excluder For 10 Frame Hives - Apimaye

Queen Excluder For 10 Frame Hives

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The queen excluder is a flat slotted piece that has slots big enough for the worker bees to pass through but not the queen bee. Beekeepers use the queen excluder to prevent the queen bee to go to the honey supers and lay eggs. This way the beekeeper can have frames filled only with honey. Each Apimaye beehive set already comes with a queen excluder.

How to Use Queen Excluder

When your colony has at least 2 boxes of honey and brood, it is time to add a honey super on top of your hive.
    • Just pick up the top cover and the top feeder of your Apimaye hive
    • Place the queen excluder on top of the deep super
    • Make sure you use the bottom slot for the latch when using the excluder.
    • Put the top feeder and hive cover back on

Alternative Uses

The queen excluder can be used to prevent swarming if you find your bees ready to take off. Bees need their space. A queen bee lays 1500 to 2000 eggs a day and the colony keeps growing. If the hive becomes too crowded, they'll get ready to swarm. Just put a new super on top. If you don't have one ready, find the queen and place it on a box that's above the queen excluder and make sure the circular round entrance is only in the "honey bee" mode. This way the queen won't be able to get out of the hive. This will only buy you some time so you should add a super on top as soon as possible.

An alternative is to use the queen excluder to have 2 weak colonies at the same Apimaye bee hive system. This way you can have 2 colonies with 2 queens in the same hive. They would be both at the lowest box of the hive. Make sure to take out the pollen trap, and add the division board on the lowest box. The division board should go through the grooves at the bottom board so there is no space for bees to pass underneath. Set the division board circular holes to the ventilation settings, this way the odor will pass through the division board but bees can not. Therefore you will have 2 queen system with the similar hive odor. Then you should place a queen excluder and place a common super. Since the queens can't touch each other they will not fight.

Please Note

This is an add-on item only, meaning we can only sell these if you purchase another item that comes in a box like our hive sets, supers, bottom board, etc. Shipping the spacers alone costs too much to justify buying them online. However we would be happy to include them in any of our boxes with your purchase of other boxed items. We will have to cancel any order that consists of just the frame spacers or other add-on items. Thank you for your understanding.

Customer Reviews

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Bobbie Crane

Fits well with the hive




These newly designed queen excluders from Apimaye are the best plastic excluders on the market in my opinion. They eliminated the old “flat” excluders and redesigned them with rounded bars. I prefer them to my metal excluders.

Nice to Have Extra Queen Excluders

This excluder is made to be fit between the apimaye boxes and still be able to latch them together. The queen excluders from other suppliers won't be the same height and you could have some issues trying to latch your boxes together. Good news is that the price on the apimaye queen excluder for the apimaye hives isn't overpriced!

The bottom of the excluder has some nubs that keep the slotted part off of the tops of the frames, which can make it a little harder to clean, but makes sure there is ample spaces for the bees to pass.

Bees will fill some of the queen excluder holes with wax and you might want to clean the one that came with your hive from time to time or at the end of the season. I got a few extras to make sure I always have one to swap out if I want to clean the holes. I'm also looking forward to trying to make a 2 queen hive next year so I might need an extra queen excluder.

Lisa Kosyan
Queen 10frame exlcuder

I enjoy the plastic excluder the queen can’t get through an it easy to clean when they do gum it up.

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