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Apimaye Insulated Bee Hives

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Cutout of a double brood box hive displaying the inside of the hive

Next Generation Bee Hive

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Thermal Insulation & Active Ventilation

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Contents of an Apimaye single brood box hive with plastic frames

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Simply the best. I live in sub-zero temperatures in the the winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These hives keep my bees toasty warm in the winter with perfect ventilation for zero moisture. Cool in the summer... the bees don’t work as hard to heat and cool the hive and are able to work more efficiently... which equates to more honey in my honest opinion.

Tom Rosemurgy

These hives speak for them selves. The quality is amazing I would recommend this to any bee keeper.

Dominic Price

Best product and service available for beekeeping. I understand that the Apimaye would be too expensive for the mega honey producers but it's perfect for the small beekeepers.

Wilmer Gingerich

Easy to use and one hive actually made it through the harsh Minnesota winter this year!

Cathy McNeff Shaw

Makes being a beginner beekeeper less stressful.

Dan Misuraca

Love it so far. I think it will be great for this crazy Texas weather

Jennifer Dotson